3D Printed parts for Competitions

Quick question are you allowed to build a custom part (example would be a claw) using autocad and print it on a 3D printer for competitions? I was under the impression you had to use only VEX parts within your build. Can anyone confirm either way?


No 3D printed parts. Trust me, I’ve tried :,(

The answer to "what can I use to build a VEX robot for competing in “In the Zone” Game is found in the “VEX Robotics Competition In the Zone - Game Manual.”

Here’s the link:

Before building a robot and competing in a VEX tournament, it’s really important that you read the rules.

Before asking a very basic question you should exert some effort looking for the answer. You should search the forum. If you had done so on this question, you would see that it’s been asked, answered, and discussed, and debated numerous times. However, the answer hasn’t yet changed.

If you don’t want to use the search function of this forum, you can google it. Try this link to see what I mean:

Thanks I just wanted to make sure something did not change as I saw something on the web that made me question what I thought to be true.

You can also add “site:www.vexforum.com” to the end of a Google search. This can sometimes be more effective than the forum’s built-in search tool.

The legality of 3D printed parts depends on which level of competition. For VRC they are not legal. For VexU they are with some restrictions.