3D Printed Parts Permissibility

1 of my teammates says that Vex said we can use 3D printed functional parts if you do/can not order/have them. My other friend says that it is still not allowed. Who is right?

3 D printed parts are only allowed in VEX U competitions.


A great question to ask and the place to look for clarifications is on RobotEvents.com in the Official Q&A which has answered this concern:


Specifically this one:


A better source of correctness than @Foster for questions like these is the Game Manual, available at https://link.vex.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/GameManual


I’ll tell my team. What are the consequences if we get caught?

Wesson oil, 475F for 11 minutes. Like pork nuggets. EP like to make examples. I like creole sauce on my examples, but I’m from the south. MD EP do that old bay that smells so nice. New England is all about basting in butter.

You get DQ and tossed. Don’t do it so you create a scene please.

Want to build that gear, practice with it, get good with it, have it real gear show up and you swap it out, some risk. Show up and play, big risk and you will get tossed, don’t do that.

So many people have tried to make 3 D a thing, don’t stuff up their future efforts.


If vex is out of stock or is painfully slow to ship you can 3D parts and use them while testing the robot, just not for the competition. When parts finally arrive replace 3D printed ones. Or you can try to cut them from a legal polycarb. Shame on vex for not allowing 3D in VRC!

Somebody, please, take away bootleg copy of ChatGPT from Foster!