3D Printed Star

I made a couple of modifications to the step files for the starstruck star to make an assemblable 2 piece design for 3D printing. After showing it on our Instagram account, I got a request to post it here. The stl files are here. I printed mine out at 30%:

link text

How similar is it to the official stars? Does it bend or break? Is it hard?

I printed a star earlier as well. I wanted to test how well the software could deal with auto generating support structure particularly on slopes, and a star was the perfect shape that I already had downloaded!

Puzzler7, it is hard plastic. Kevin, what software are you using? I am using Repetier and Slic3r. If those are autogenerated supports, they look easier to clean off than mine.

It was Simplify3D and a chinese Makerbot clone. That star is really tiny though as I didn’t want to waste plastic.

Simply3d has some of the best support generation that I have seen out of any slicer :). I want to print one tomorrow now


I don’t know if it would be possible to make a star that breaks as easily as a vex star. :slight_smile:

By the way, where did you guys get the original .stl file for the star? Thanks in advance.

You can download field/element CAD files from the VEX website (STEP format, but easily convertible to STL)

Hm… I can’t seem to find the STEP files. Can you link me to the page? Thanks in advance.

On the Starstruck page, underneath Appendix A field specs there’s a link.

Where is the Starstruck page? I couldn’t find the link on robotevents, vexrobotics, or roboticseducation. Thanks in advance.

Thanks! When I searched for it on Bing, that did not show up.