3D Printed V5 Charging Dock

Thought I would post the 3D printed charging dock I drew up to help keep my teams (and my classroom) organized. Hopefully it is useful to others.

V5 Charging Dock - vertical version - pic 02

File is hosted on Thingiverse here (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4182218)

It was inspired by this design (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3608551) posted to this forum by @ jack202020 earlier this year in this post (3D printable V5 Battery Charging Station/Dock).


This is pretty cool! Thanks!

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this is actually epic, nice work!

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying it out right now.

Thanks! Printed one today - some modifications we’d like to do is make hole(s) in the base to insert the block onto a pegboard bracket… and add our logo :slight_smile:



No Problem.

If it helps, I’ve added the original Inventor 2019 files and converted STEP files to the thingiverse posting. (The workflow may be a bit chaotic as it evolved as I was drawing it up)

Would PLA/3D printed plastic be strong enough to make peg board hooks, or would they just snap off?

You can definitely make peg board hooks from either material but I would expect ABS to be a bit better choice if you design the model correctly.

Generally, ABS tends to be stronger and more durable than PLA, but it has less layer adhesion than PLA. Most prints fail structurally when the layers delaminate, so you need to pay particular attention to the model design/print orientation. For a small hook, you want to avoid your hooks being a series of small circles, just stacked on top of each other. They would probably snap apart pretty easily. (The hooks should be sliced so that each layer has a complete profile of the hook - This would mean the dock would need to be printed on its side - with lots of support most likely)

My preference would probably be to use PETG filament. It kind of blends the benefits of both PLA and ABS.

I would worry that the repeated downward shock loads of pushing a battery into place would cause fairly fast failures with any filament if you have a weak layer orientation.

For ideas of how to make your hooks, just search for peg board hooks on thingiverse and you should see multiple designs.


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