3d printed Versa hub

I was wondering if it is legal to 3d print versa hubs for flex wheels since they have been out of stock for a long time?

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If you were to read the rulebook , you would understand that any 3d printed parts that are functional are illegal. 3d prints that are non functional decorations are allowed.


Just because pieces are out of stock doesn’t mean you get the go ahead to break R9. Now sure, you can use them for practice until the legal ones become back in stock, but I better not see you competing with the 3D-printed ones in an official competition.


There is an Official Q&A to this exact question:

I recommend you read the Q&A in addition to the Game Manual.

Next Game Manual Release is August 2nd.


It’s true; you can’t 3d print hubs. However, you can do several other things that work around manufactured hubs, such as wedging a 6t sprocket with chainflats around it in the proper place. Another solution (and one that I favor) is cutting plastic discs that cover the flexwheel on both sides and drilling holes in them that line up with the screwholes in the wheel. This is a common technique with the added benefit of cutting down on air resistance for the wheel, thus reducing required power. I hope you find something that works for you. Welcome to the forums @Arronax !


Thank you! I think that once I get back to school I will try the plastic method.

Glad I could help! Tip: when drilling the plastic, put tape over where you want to drill before you drill through it. It’s not always needed, but it’ll yield a cleaner hole.

Also would you recommend the aluminum Versa hubs? Thank you in advance!

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I’ve never used them, but in general, the vex hubs seem to slip more than I would like.

The aluminum Versa Hubs also make the larger wheels noticeably heavier, making them carry more inertia. I would recommend making some circles of poly that cover the gaps in the wheel and adding screw holes and some kind of centered shaft mount.
This way air can’t rush in due to the vacuum created by the fast wheel and its gaps which can cause the wheel to expand as it spins, unintentionally.
Check out 1961Z’s reveal for a demo of how it works: Team 1961Z | VEX Spin Up Reveal | Scott Jr. - YouTube

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