3D Printing Decorations

After getting our better 3D printer to work, we were just wondering even though 3D printed parts are illegal in VRC, since license plates are legal, would mountable 3D decorations (nonfunctional of course) be legal?

Yes I believe any nonfunctional decoration is allowed with the exception of things like motors.

Yes, it is legal: we did this last year (but it broke before we could attach it to our robot). Just note that if the decoration is supporting or holding something up, then a piece of legal material (usually metal of lexan) should be doing that too.

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Is it legal this season to have 3d printed license plate holders?

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I believe so, it should count as non functional decoration AS LONG AS the plate holder is a neutral color that doesn’t interfere with the vision sensor AND shows the team numbers easily.

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Might want to check this out.

as long as it dont give u an advantage or disadvantage i believe u should be fine

As always, if you’re not sure about a particular use case, you might want to ask in the official Q&A.