3D Printing for Vex

I recently got a 3D printer for christmas and I am looking for ways to use it to help with my team. I know that I can’t use it to print parts for EDR but is there any tools or gadgets that you guys know off that I could print.




Congrats :partying_face:

May I ask, what type of printer?

Have fun in VEX and in printing…


License plate holders

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Ender 3 pro. I’ve done a little with it but still learning.


I have some of these on my robot, and I’ve been wondering:

  1. Are they legal?
  2. Do they count against your supply of plastic?

They are legal, and don’t count to plastic, as they are nonfunctional decorations. If you use them functionally, they are illegal. The licence plate is also nonfunctional decoration. All 3d printed parts have to be used nonfunctionally.


so as long as all they do is hold the plates, they are considered nonfunctional?



lol, im not that bad at spanish class

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I know this is a while after you posted this question but the awnser is no. I have printed license plates during the Vex In the Zone Season and I did not get penalized at all. The only time the refees will penalize you is if the component you printed is function by itself without vex certified parts.