3D Printing Parts

Hi, I was wondering if we are allowed 3d print parts for the competition.

If you read the game manual, 3D printed custom license plates are legal (see the manual for specific size restrictions). Using 3D printing for any functional parts is not allowed.


correct 3D printed parts have to be non functional
like the license plates in VRC
in VEXU however you can print functional parts
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Not a problem but it throws some people off

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I know you can’t have 3d printed parts for IQ so I’m pretty sure you can’t have 3d printed parts for vrc

There’s no need to be “pretty sure” when we can read the game manual! The relevant rule here is R6:

So, in general, VRC teams can’t use 3D-printed parts. But two rules provide specific exceptions:

Non-functional decorations can be made from any material or technique, including 3D printing.


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Ok, Thanks for all the help so soon.

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