3D printing question

I know the use of 3D printing in terms of functional parts is illegal, but what about making 3D printed quick swaps for motors. They are functional, but provide no strategical advantage, what would the verdict on legality be on that?

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Well I think you answered your own question. If they are functional then they are illegal. 3D printing is only allowed for non functional decorations. You could also argue that they would provide an advantage as they would be more efficient than other quick swap solutions like zip ties.


I would agree that because it has a function it would not be allowed in VRC. You can print your logo. I don’t think you would be allowed to print your license plates tho. They may clarify in a Q&A next season if someone asks. I disagree with the advantage argument because there is no advantage in competition. As for license plates they are functional in team identification but don’t provide a competitive advantage. If I were head ref at an event I would not allow because of functionality.


If you were a head ref you would be in the wrong about the license plates. license plates are considered nonfunctional decorations and do not have to be the standard vex plates. This was answered in a Q&A already.


I am generally head inspector at more local competitions. And while I haven’t seen any 3D printed quick swaps yet, I am not surprised I will one day.

Cadaver is correct. Because they are functional, they are by-definition illegal. They also do provide an advantage because you can hot swap faster than other teams without the parts. If it wasn’t an advantage and it wasn’t a decoration then why would you make it?


eh, thought it could have a cleaner look than zip ties.

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3D printing on the bot is generally illegal as stated above. However, don’t forget about Scuf controllers. If you have access to a 3D printer and have the time to play around with print settings and all that you can print some Scuf controllers for the v5 controller that really help with ergonomics while driving.