3D Printing Rules

Hello. My team and I were thinking of 3D printing a part, but do not know if it is allowed. I read the rules, and rule R9 (g) states, “This rule does not apply to 3D printed plastic parts. 3D printed parts are not permitted in the VEX Robotics Competition, except as non-functional decorations (per ) or as custom License Plates (per .” It says that 3D printing is allowed but also not…? Can somebody explain this to me?

The only functional (serves a purpose and does a task, like holding license plates) 3d printed parts allowed on your robot are custom license plate holders. You can also have non functional decorations that are 3d printed. No functional parts, like gears, bearings, etc may be 3d printed and used on a robot if you are a VRC competitor.


This is true unless you are in college.

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If I’m not mistaken, college students would not be competing in VRC, but in fact, VexU, which has a different rule set (although many remain similar).


Thats true, they have the same game though, and it may get confusing.

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Yeah, as a college student I can confirm that competing in VRC is off limits, but mentoring/helping out is not completely off the table.

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What if i were to make a tray of sorts to hold disks? Would that be allowed, or does it count as functional?

That counts as functional. If it has a purpose other than being pretty, or holding a license plate. It is illegal. Please go to the game manual and read rules R7(G) and R9(G) again.


Sounds good. Thank you!

For future reference, if your part is non-functional, your robot must be able to perform exactly the same with or without the piece.