3D Shape Challenge

Challenge: Create a 3D paper model of a shape. See how complex of a shape you can make.

1.) You must use only a single 8.5/11" piece of paper (or of similar size in another unit of measurement).
2.) Your shape must be folded and taped together from one piece (no cutting out several triangles and taping them together to for a tetrahedron, you must cut out a SINGLE piece and fold it into a tetrahedron or whatever shape you are trying to achieve).
3.) You must DRAW the shape. You can use tools like rulers, protractors, and compasses etc… But no computers!
4.) The more complex the better.

Here is my first shape:
A triangular bi-pyramid of tetrahedrons connected by triangular prisms.

And here is my 2D drawing before I cut it out:
Notice that it is all a single piece.

And here are a few more pictures:

I hope to see your creations! It doesn’t have to be really complex, try starting with something simple like a pyramid and work your way up from there.

Nice Xbox:)