3D Trophies?

Has anyone tried 3D printing trophies to give away at their events? Mind sharing the .stl files? We got a new 3D printer that I’d like to showcase by printing some trophies for one of our tournaments.

Have you searched http://www.thingiverse.com/ for anything like this typically people provide at lot of stl’s on various items. We went to a tournament at the beginning of the year that 3D printed a tournament label on the standard VEX trophies. Our team and team 3885 have started a “side” competition at each event that we both attend called the chocolate cup. I 3D printed a small trophy when we started it, but I didn’t keep the stl for it. It’s a pretty simple design that you all should be able to CAD yourselves or be walked through if you all need help.
Edit: For some reason the forum is not letting me upload the picture of our cup anyone know of any problems.

That’s a super cool idea and you should post some pics when you end up printing them!!!
I looked around and these are some of my favorites:


A cool thing to do if your quite handy with CAD etc is to print mini models of a robot. I have seen this done as sponsor gifts, but you could create (just an idea) a little robot with a small lift that holds a small banner and you can make the lift go up or down by pushing it :slight_smile:

Printing a working full-sized robot…


I volunteered to print trophies for some events but they thought the current metal ones would be better.

I requested the CAD files from VEX and they emailed them to me.

Could you post those CAD files here? I would like them as well and it is probably easier getting them from you than VEX.

A few years ago Haverford laser cut polycarb horse cut out trophies in a dark red and used Vex plates. If you do a bunch at once it might be more economical than Vex trophies and possibly cheaper than 3D printed ones as they would need a lot of resin.

I am not going to post them as I am not sure VEX wanted to make them public.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

@leejones15 There’s also the option of getting it by, you know, winning the tournament.

? You seem to be confused. The OP was asking about 3D printing trophies to be given out as awards at their own tournament they host. Not printing trophies for them to keep for themselves.