3rd BEYA Middle & High School VEX Championships

STEMRobotics is sending a team (KTOR) to the College event at the 1st annual BEYA College VEX Championships on Friday 18 Feb. I’ve heard from teams that are trying to find event slots. The 3rd BEYA Middle & High School VEX Championships has slots available if you are looking for an event. I’ve heard good things about the prior years, it’s a pretty good venue.

There may be college slots available too, there is contact info at the Robotevents link.

The venue is pretty unique for a VEX competition. The competition is in Washington DC this year and is held in conjunction with a huge conference and awards ceremony. There is an exhibit hall representing many corporations and the defense industry who are recruiting and many of the booths have small give-aways. Lots of students attending seminars.


Wow. What a difference a week makes.
Looks like 34 great teams and more coming.

Thanks to the BEYA, all the teams and terrific volunteers, including hardworking judges and college team members who pitched in on Sat. to make this a great event.

There were A LOT of VIP’s watching the action, and lots of follow-up requested. They all loved the VRC.

Hooah! Hooah!

Trophies awarded to College competition held on Friday
Create: KTOR
Innovate: QCC-2
Judges Award for Outstanding Professionalism: CAPC
Judges Award for Technical Achievement: QCC3
Tournament Champion: KTOR

Trophies awarded MS/HS combined competition held on Saturday
Amaze: 12N
Create: 169A
Innovate: 24B
Judges Award for Tenacity: 3210A
Tournament Champions: 24C 12N 929Z
Excellence: 2528


Thanks to everyone involved for making KTOR’s first BEYA competition a great one! KTOR and all of the 169 teams had an amazing time at this event and plan on returning next season. Thank you to all the volunteers who ran both events quickly and smoothly. See you all at worlds!

Do we have some pictures or videos?

KTOR, can you make good on your promise for pictures and video after BEYA? :smiley: please?

Also, how many college teams were there?

Congrats to KTOR!