3rd fold for tray stacker

My team and I are looking to expand the capacity of our tray stacker by adding a 3rd tray and we are having a bit of trouble figuring out the hinging mech for the 3 trays.20191113_135857 20191113_135911
Our current design relies on intaking cubes during the autonomous to flip out the tray which is assisted and locked by the rubber bands. We are looking for any suggestions on how we can keep this mechanism but just simply add a 3rd tray.

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U can use the rollers to flip the tray out. I would suggest putting the rubber bands on stand-offs so the tray has a better Mechanical advantage.

I don’t see why you couldn’t shorten the second segment a bit and relocate the same hinge. You may have some problem getting it to stay

FYI if you implement a third stage then you will need to design some anti-tip mechanisms.

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I think the two omnis in the back are the antitips


The green wheels in the back pop out

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You can use your same hinge design, and just tuck it in between the first and second stage, You may have to mess with spacing though, narrowing it on the top of the third stage. You may also have to redesign your intake.

Here’s a helpful video for ideas

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