3rd party servos

Just curious- does Vex work with other non-Vex servos and/or speed controllers? It seems like the protocol is the same, but I’ve just never tried it.

Reading throught the FAQ section, I see Other Motors, Vex Servo and Victor Support.

I thought about it but when I looked on-line I couldn’t find anything with a 1/8th inch axle so i don’t think that it would fit the other accererys. Can anyone help me fix the problem with the square axel.

sells good servos.

What do you mean by “Can anyone help me fix the problem with the square axel.”???

maybe if he has a model airplane axle, he has a servo axle, that is a circle, or odd star shapes:( it is almost impossible to change it into a square axle! If you want, just use the servo how it is.

in theory you probobly could use it

of course in theory while were still here i could jump off a cliff but thats not gonna happen…

Yes, it works, you have to invert the plug though, i use standard headers you can buy at jameco

Just shove the long end of the header into the end of the servo plug and your good


Could someone post a link to specific motors and couplers?
When I google “axle couplers” I get sites like this:
But I can’t tell which of the many couplers they sell will work
best for the vex axles. Most of the products seem to only fit
axles that are larger than the vex axles. Also they seem to assume
the axles are round and the same diameter.

Specifically, I’m looking for a coupler for the 1/8 inch square
vex axles that I can use to couple a non-vex motors like this:

The motor above is just an example. Please feel free to suggest the
coupler and the motor that you have used. If you know of a motor
that has a 1/8 inch square axle that’s even better. If you’re using
a non-vex microcontroller, please suggest that too.

Thanks so much!

BTW, if you would like, I’ll gladly give you my vex motors, microcontroller, and
remote control if you can help me get non-vex motors and non-vex
microcontrollers to work with the rest of the vex hardware. Other compensations
options are also possible.](http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&pa=253446&productId=253446)

Will you require the break style slip clutch that vex employees or would a straight yoke style adapter work (stainless steel)? Also how many of these adapters would it take to win the microcontroller and remote you mentioned?


Either style is fine.

I can make up some that screw onto the standard horn. Do you have any 3rd party servo’s yet?

I’ve not selected a specific motors yet. You can suggested ones that you’ve used in the past. I would like to know the part number and store where I can purchase the motor.

I haven’t tried any yet but I have a CNC machine shop and have been looking to make some adaptive parts.

I guess I would need a .2 inch diameter rod that is about 1" long and has a hole just big enough for the vex axle to fit into. I think the hole diameter should be around .176" inches. I can solder the axle and the rod together.

You can obviously mill it as one piece but that seems like more work. If you think it is easier, then the entire piece should be about 2" long, half as a .2 inch diameter rod and the other half matching the square shape of the vex axle.

Let me know if you can do it and how much it would cost for 50 of them. If it works out, I’ll order more pieces.