3rd Stage: Telescope of flip out

Our team is probably going to rebuild our robot and make it have a third stage on the tray. Which design do you guys think is better, telescoping or flip out?

  • Telescoping
  • Flip-out
  • Neither

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Tube bot for the win


Depends, if you have an L Channel Tray you will find it harder to make a Telescopic Tray. In which case flip would be better. If you have a C Channel Tray, Telescopic tray is amazing and you should definitely consider it.

It is possible to do telescope with L Channel, my team does that for our 4th Stage but it requires a lot of fine tuning


If you want a 4th stage in the future, then do a flip out.
If your content with 3 stages, then telescopic


Of course a flip out. Who doesn’t want their robot to have the ability to disable its own driver


Nono, you’re wrong.
The grid Mark’s on the drivers face act as camo making them undetectable by the opposing drive teams

True true
Safest is a telescoping tray
The all flippout is for the bravest of us all
Or the stupidest your pick


Flip out can be better since it can intake more cubes even if they are the same length.

The stack height should increase while you are stacking it (For our old bot, the tray can fit 7 cubes while slanted and 6.5 when it is fully upright.

If you use a telescope, the max height of the stack will be equal to the amount of cubes it can hold while upright, whereas the flip out can intake cubes to the point where the top cube is extruding outward, meaning it can potentially stack 1-2 more than the telescoping design

Downside - Takes more space than telescoping since telescoping basically sits inside the top tray

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The main issue with extending is that it eliminates the ability to score in towers in you run a simple traybot. If you run a complex traybot, then the extending stage becomes a valid and great option.


A combo I think would esiest. , first stage flit oit with 3rd stage comming out of flipout