3Vex Dudes 8558B | Robot Reveal

Robot Specs:
• 4 Motor Tank Drive with 4" wheels
• 6 motor arm/lift
• Pneumatic claw with double acting pistons
• 2 Air pneumatic reservoirs Y-ed together

Very nice


That’s a nice looking bot!

Woah. Nice.

Be warned everyone, we lost to these guys in finals. We’re (maybe) ready to take you on again! Are you coming to the competition on the 9th in Idaho?

ok, i cant see the video at the bottom, due to my schools weird internet thing, could you link the video please


Yep we are coming on the 9th. :smiley:

Hopefully I will see you there!

Thanks! :smiley:


If anyone has questions please ask.

why did you use 1by instead of standoffs for the grabber part? at the very end of your claw i mean, the part that grabs the cubes

:confused: whatever came to mind first. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your average cycle time? Far zone? How much does it weigh? What’s the distribution on your drive?

We see a lot of team using standoffs and rubber bands. Why is that?

oh, so it want a consonance decision, you just happened to use it, ok, and do you see nay advantages of a straight claw vs a curved 45 degree one

ok, standoffs are stronger than 1 by, and rubber bands are great to hold both cubes and stars, and them being strechy helps with picking up stars and cubes

Our air tanks at the end of a match are usually around 50 psi and the batteries technically could possibly go another match but the batteries get really hot. We can get into the far zone but at least 1 of 3 stars will go into the near zone. I’m guessing our weight is around 10 lbs but I check on that and let you know. Our drive base is a 1:1 gear ratio, noting special.

Standoffs as in the claw is a standoff or the prongs at the end of the claw? If you meant why are the prongs at the end of the claw not standoffs then…

We have used rubber bands in a previous claw and they did not give a firm grip. With the cushioned c-channels it gives more of a grip.