3x3x35 Aluminum Angles

Today we started our process of ordering the metal we need for the new robots we want to build. Part of one of our designs are going to use the 3x3x35 Angle pieces, but they are available only in steel. Would it be possible to make an Aluminum version of these parts available for purchase?

We’re buying the steel “Angle 3x3x35 (4-pack) (275-1144)” right now because we just can’t find them in Aluminum. All of the Aluminum parts for sale are at this link right?


We’re just looking to make our robot as light as possible.

Good idea, the 3x3x35 angles are extremely strong, and very useful. We wish that they came in aluminum also, and I’m sure a lot of teams would consider them more for structural applications if they were lighter.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into releasing these in the future if it seems to make sense. We know some customers would be interested in such a product, but that doesn’t mean it would have enough demand to justify it.