4.22 firmware malfunction


We recently switched from using the VexNET keys to the VexNET 2.0 keys. Doing so required a firmware update for the cortex and the joystick to version 4.22, and the keys to version 1.43. Since the update, we have been unable to download our program to the robot. The wireless communication between the joystick and the cortex is normal; however, the serial link from the computer to the Vex devices is not working. We have restarted the robot and reconnected the joystick multiple times. Each time the joystick indicates that it is connected to the cortex, yet when we try to download the program, we get an error message saying, “failed to verify the serial link to vex devices.” We have also tried rewriting the firmware to the vex devices multiple times but the problem persists. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hi, I have it figured out. Thanks!

Glad you got the issue solved. Would you please post what you found.