4/28/18 new game release!!! +v5 equptment


Any designs that you guys think will stay in from last year?


also has anyone seen details on how to get the new coding software.


This is a big troll.


seriously my team and I are contemplating whether or not to take it apeart.


our robot from last year


Don’t take it apart if there’s no necessity I guess, but there’s a 99.99% chance you won’t need anything except the drivetrain.


If this is what you’re wondering, just take it apart. If you want, you can leave the chassis together, but that’s probably the only thing that will be useful next year. It is impossible to know what designs will be used next year, because most people on here don’t know the new game, and the ones who do won’t tell right now.
If you have enough parts to leave it together, I guess you can but there’s probably no point unless it’s super good and you won’t ever need those parts.


I’m also wondering if it needs to be redesigned because of the new cortex and motors


Well the new motors will take up more space, so yes unless you have lots of extra room.


thank you. also, will robot c still work on the new equipment?


No. The only current programming options that will work with v5 are PROS and RobotMesh.

I’m fairly certain it was confirmed that RobotC for VEX Cortex will be entirely phased out to be replaced by VEX Coding Studio.


ok thank you


Coding Studio will have RobotC++ built in. While there is not (as far as I know) any official documentation on what it is, RobotC++ is most likely going to have similar syntax to the current iteration of RobotC, but will have good C++ stuff like classes, as well as hopefully not being as janky. There is no official way for the general public to acquire Coding Studio yet, and there wouldn’t be much use for it anyway without V5.

Anyway, here’s the joke answer I was going to post when people said you were a troll. If you are a troll, then ignore everything I said above and follow these steps very closely:


I personally are looking forward to a possible shooting game and pushing the capabilities of V5


Honestly, I’m looking forwards to a NBN part 2, as that game was personally one of my favorites. However I’m really looking forwards to anything that isn’t a stacking game.


I really liked starstruck. I like the games where you can’t score and “stick” the score. The back and forth of starstruck made it so in a lot of cases you had no idea who would win until near the end and you never “ran out” of tings to score.




Throwing or shooting game please…


Please no NBN. That was by far the worst game in the last five years.


Highly agree!!!
Skyrise was great!!!
Toss up had its own unique aspect that I love and hat at the same time.