4/5 Manual Update Predictions

What are we thinking they’ll change this time?


I think it won’t be many major things that affect the actual gameplay and violations, but maybe there will be clarifications of some rules
Everyone: We want them to change SG3
I don’t think they will change the major parts of any rules.


Autonomous win will give you -6 points if you win, can’t be unfair now.


it would be interesting if they made low rings worth 4 not 3 to encourage ring based strategies, but i don’t think they would ever do that


It is too late. Maybe they could have considered that on August,but not now.

sadly it is too late, that would have been cool though

Based on the GDCs previous updates this season, I have made the following predictions:

Neutral goals will be changed to only be worth 5 points, 10 on the platform, to ensure that the game is not won during auton

Teams will be limited to 1 match load, because teams are starting to effectively use match loads and we don’t want teams effectively utilizing the rules

Field tiles will now be considered for transitive contact for SG3, because you can touch that tiles that touch the platform and that isn’t ok

No more colored metal, because pneumatic tubing in multiple colors isn’t ok, why should colored metal be ok?

If you touch the opponent’s platform at all in the last 30 seconds, you will be disqualified from the tournament, because you are responsible for your robot at ALL times, and you shouldn’t be touching the platform.

Utilizing any strategy within the rules may be considered a G1 violation, maybe.

I am sure I have missed something, but this is the best I could come up with. /s


All rings are pumped with water prior to the match.


The match timer is now shortened to a 1 second autonomous portion, that’s it. No need to waste people’s time.


I am going to guess it will include some of the radio changes and firmware changes discussed earlier.

It will probably also formally incorporate the Q&A answers that didn’t make the last manual.

We may see yet ANOTHER massage of SG3 (tipping the platform using the hinge isn’t allowed).

Other than that, I don’t expect to see much…


This. This is what will indefinitely happen. I hope they don’t hurt the neutral goals though.

I hope there is at least a small change that addresses the issues with <sg3> but it’s unlikely a change to such an important rule will be made this late in the season.


What do you mean by “indefinitely” here?

This aged wonderfully.


Be careful what you wish for my friend.

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  • Driver station layout. (All drivers will stand on opposing sides of the Field of their opponent)

Does this mean it’s still the standard layout or did they switch them around ( blue on red side and red on blue side)

Still the standard layout.


Well, that was probably one of the more confusing ways to word that. And considering that they have already made changes to make platform climbing more difficult (less time), it was definitely possible.

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I stand corrected. :skull:


It is certain. probability of 100%. Will happen.