4 and 6 bar lift height calcs

We are getting ready for the TSA Nationals and did a total rebuild of the robot. We found our axles were twisted and almost stripped. So we are re-assessing our lift. We had troubles on the initial 4 bar lift reaching the top of the tubes and are considering a 6 bar. Are there any height calculators out there? I am not exactly the best math person, so I am hoping to find something on the net.
Bill R.

It is possible to make a six-bar such that the middle bar goes completely vertical when fully raised. Therefore, the maximum height is exactly equal to the length of the middle bar.

I hope I would not have to do that:), but we liked the 4 bar with the exception that it just barely got to the right height. I can use 4 motors on the 6 bar if needed. We are at a 5:1 ratio with the 4 bar and had no problems. We ordered a lot of metal and parts trying to revamp this thing. My kids are the #1 ranked TSA VEX middle school team in the state, so they want to make it work going into TSA Nats.

On the 6 bar… what are the things to consider with the spacing between the middle(long bar) and the upper and lower arms?

Bill R.


Mathematical explanation here
bar axle.lower

Thanks for the links!
Bill R.