4" Axles Needed

Hey guys.

As you probably know, VEX does not sell the 4" axles by themselves in a little pack like the 2", 3" and 12". We are in need of 6-8 4" axles for our robot. Would someone be able to spare a few for us? We can trade some of our 2"-3" axles.

Let me know ASAP!

You could just buy 12" axles and cut them down. That’s what we’ve been doing for nearly everything we build.

Is there something I’m missing here as to why this is a bad plan?

I would rather have the clean cut 4" axles, but yes that was my other option.

You can grind the edges into the nice curve if you want it look purdy. I do that beforehand if I have time.

That also helps for getting the axles to fit nicely into motors. Thirty seconds on a grinding wheel and everything looks pretty good.

Yeah. And you wont have to deal with that little picometer of metal that sticks out after a cut that just won’t let you put in the motor or gear.

every year, we buy a thew packs of the 12" axle bars and cut them down with a dremmel, and then grind the ends with a grinding wheel, they make great clean cuts, i would offer to cut the axle bars for you and grind, but as i am in UK delivery rates would be high :wink: