4 bar issues

Ok my mogo 4 bar used to be able to lift 16 cones and a mobile goal however I tried a DR4B but it would rip itself apart so I went back to a 4 bar however now it can only pick up a mobile goal and every once in a while 1 cone on it.
I have 4 motor torque internals and a 5:1 torque ratio. They are plugged into y cables to 2 ports in the power expander. A left and a right side. then the it leads to ports 3 and 8 in my cortex. Does anyone have an idea why it’s being tempermental?
Thanks in advance.

Could be the motor controllers, or perhaps a dead battery. You should also make sure that each motor is working individually, so remove them and find the problem motor(s). It could also be your expander, so in order to check that, plug them directly into the cortex to see if that is the issue.

The motor were all driving the battery button even right after it was fully charged almost automatically goes to orange so that might be at least part of the problem. I’ll check that tomorrow and report back.