4 bar

Hi! We are trying to build a 4 bar lift. Do you guys have any ideas of what how we should build it. Like the gear ratio maybe?

Do you guys have v5 or the old cortex?


@4810B WAFFLE HOUSE you should need only one motor, I think 1:5 should work for most 4-bars. I haven’t built one before (we will for the bot, I think), but that’s the word on the street forum.

Thanks @Royal_Freedom

1:5 is good. Though based on our testing with good build quality and grease you should be able to do 200 rpm 1:5 on one v5 motor.

Yeah, last year we had a 2 motor 393 fourbar 1:5 instead of RD4B, so one v5 with 1:5 should be good

Real quick, what’s the difference between RD4B and a simple 4-bar? Does it require different linkage or gearing?
Apologies for my ignorance, I tried to look it up on the forums (via Google) but it gave me an unrelated thread.

rd4b is just two four bars linked together

but reversed in the middle using a linkage or gears

Here’s a very short YouTube video of a simple DR4B in action.

I really like the video title. If I ever wonder “what was the video of the itz robot lifting on a table”, it will be easy to find.

Don’t know if you were being sarcastic but that actually would be super easy to find