4 Inch Omni Wheels

My organization is currently looking into purchasing 16 sets of new 4 inch Omni Wheels, since our current ones in rough shape. We’ve heard rumors that they have been updated to allow the use of high strength axels and inserts. Is this true? We don’t want to sink money into that many Omni wheels if they haven’t been updated.

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Yes they have. They’ve been so for months already.


they take high strength axles now but they come with inserts if you still want to put normal axles through.

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Is it worth it to change out the wheels? I’m thinking about buying new ones for states because I think my old-ish ones have a little decreased grip. Is it worth it?

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depending how old they are the green rollers can also jam up and create problems for turning. its really up to you and how much it affects your drive. keep in mind that states field are often new and the foam tiles have more friction than older ones.


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