4 Match Finals, Tie?

Had a finals match over the weekend at our league that was a blast. Competing between our sister teams and some great alliance partners. We ended up with alliance 1 win, 1 and 2 tie at 179 each, 2 win, then 1 win for the victory. Incredibly intense, loads of fun and I never thought we would see a tie in NBN, given the one point scoring in the low goal?

This also happened to me over the weekend, expect there where only 3 Finals matches instead of 4. For match Finals 1-1, the score was tied 197-197. We continued to win Finals match 1-2 and 1-3. It was really intense, but it was also a blast. The robotevent’s page is kinda messed up right now, only showing the first 2 alliance partners playing for all the finals matches.


The rest of the matches where also ‘kinda’ close, but not as close as 1 point.

A tie in the semifinals and finals.

Two years ago in “Toss Up” we played the same semi-final match to game 6 because there were so many ties. Each side won a game then games 3-5 were tied.