4-motor base?

Hello! So I have a question about 4 motor bases and 2 motor bases, specifically for a trey bot.

Today when my team was testing we noticed that after in-taking 5 cubes (which we can intake up to 10), our base started moving very slow, and at 7 cubes, completely stopped moving. Our mentor suggested that we use a 4 motor base. But we use 2 motors on our arms, 1 on our tilt mech, 2 for the base, and 2 for the intakes, We already plan to use one motor on the arms, but we were wondering the pros and cons of making a 4 motor base.

We don’t have to take much apart but we only have 2.5 hours to fix it. We were wondering how difficult it has been for teams and how effective it really is.

Thank you!

Try reducing friction as much as possible, it should be able to move with that many cubes, or reduce weight elsewhere


If that doesn’t move gear it down a bit to add more torque

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We tried reducing weight but our tilt mech has so much torque it weighs everything down by a lot, But thank you for the advice.

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yeah we have the exact same problem too, so we are using one motor on our arms and using the second arm motor plus our spare motor to get more power on our base.


Do you think it will work well for you?

I’m just concerned that we will put in all of this effort and then it won’t work.

are you on 7035M, because we have the exact same problem as you guys today with the same characteristics

Yes I am. I was asking for advice to see if it works or not.

There really are no cons. Most teams are already doing this. Just make sure your arm gear ratio is strong enough not to overheat the motor and you’re fine


Thank you for the advice.

Fastest solution is to put the 100rpm torque inserts (red) on your drive motors. You theoretically get about the same power as 4 200rpm’s at the cost of speed. Not the prettiest solution but it should work as a last resort.

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Realistically, there are not any cons. Just the usual stuff, like more space needed, etc. No real cons to putting more power into your wheels.


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