4 motor DR4B

So I need to build a DR4B really quick, and I have 4 motors to dedicate to it. Do you think I’m ok to do direct torque motors on the lift if I use rubber bands, or am I going to stall?

I would suggest if you are going to use torque motors to do a 1:5 gear ratio. With speed motors a 1:7 is good. If you build your dr4b with low friction and good support you could go with a 1:5 with speed motors or a 1:7 with turbo.

Yeah I think1:1 would stall

I agree with @Avery Hoffmann built one last competition and worked out pretty good. I would add rubber bands it helps a lot

If you have 4 motors on a lift, I would HIGHLY recommend 1:5 speed. It’s the fastest ratio you can make while still being controllable (besides 1:3 and 1:7 turbo).

I have a secret way to make it controllable. Also, #automation.