4 motor drive or 2 motor drive

I think that this season’s game mainly revolves around speed and power, but with a two motor drive train a robot can have better scoring tech and still get on the platforms. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

What system are you using? Cortex or V5?

With any system you should be using at least half your motors on drive. Use 4 motors. 4 V5 motors should be more than enough to run any shooting stuff you need.

thx but i need shoot and caps

It’s about build quality. As said very early season, this year will most likely become a build-off.

Make everything as passive as possible. If you use a 4 motor drive, then you can have a one motor lift, and a one motor ball intake. If your cap grappling mechanism is passive, then you have 2 motors for a shooter. (Most likely a flywheel) Or if you make a wrist, you’ll have one motor for a shooter. (Probably puncher or catapult.

I would use six high speed motors. If you’re at the point where you’re making a bot I would try to focus solely on shooting. Use a torque motor for your catapult, and a turbo motor for your intake. As @Got a Screw Loose said, build quality is one of the most important things this season. An inaccurate catapult is worth nothing even if you spent lots of time on many different sub systems. I would create a solid intake and shooter, then remove motors and make more subsystems off of those motors.

I would definitely say four motor drive. Their is a ton of fighting in this game and you need to be able to hold your own. Considering some double catapults use six for their drive I would say four should be the minimum.

On V5, 4 should be plenty. If you end up with extra, then just stuck them on the chassis and be done with it.

My suggestion would be to go four motor drive and specialize in either flags or caps.

yes agreed this seems to be a year where two specialized flag and cap bots are more powerful than 2
well-rounded bots

My goal is to have a bot that is excellent at both balls and caps, so then we can pick either a ball or cap robot for an alliance member and whichever it does we will do the other.

I can confidently say you can viably have a 4 motor V5 drivetrain, a lift, an active cap flipper, a ball intake, a ball indexer, and a flywheel.

It’s all a matter engineering and build quality.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

My team has recently decide to go with a 4 motor drive train, a 2 motor flywheel, one motor indexer, and a “lift” consisting of a passive intake and a 1 bar. Our goal is to be able to stack the caps, descore, and push other robots off the center and alliance platforms.

We will hopefully release a reveal in the coming weeks. Thanks again for your support.

You should be able to do a flywheel with 1 motor, allowing you to have a cap turner on the end of your lift.