4 motor drivetrains

What ports do you use for a four motor drivetrain

i advise that you use the ones that don’t have anything else in them


yeah but some stuff need certain ports…

and im not dumb, i cant even put two things in one port

As far as I know there are no stipulations regarding which things can go into what ports. You can use any port you like. some people like to put their drivetrain motors next to each other but I like to put mine in the 4 corners relative to the motor position so that I can easily identify which motor is which until I label the wires.

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While this is true for the built-in programs that come with the brain, it’s not true for programs you write yourself. If you’re writing your own program, any device can go on any port.


I would recommend making your wires stretch kinda far to get to the brain. Since (really) short wires don’t exist for IQ, it’s just not worth the risk for it to possibly get stuck in an arm or be out of the size limit.

i mean 200mm is pretty short

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Nah. That’s nothing with a compact robot!

While you can put motors and sensors into any port, I recommend to my beginner programmers they use the standard vex software ports. That lets you do a quick sanity check on motors that are not working by using the stock driver program. YMMV.

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yeah thats what i was talking about- I thought they HAD to be in those exact ports

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