4 motor lift, 4 motor drive vs. 6 motor drive, 2 motor lift

So a kind of unspoken debate I’ve been hearing lately in responses to reveals and other posts is whether or not one should use 4 motors on their lift and 4 on their drive or 6 on their drive and 2 on their lift. So which do people think is better?

If you have aluminum and do it right, 6 drive and 2 lift will work like a charm.

Personally I agree. As I have to keep telling our driver who wants a 4 motor lift: You can’t rubber band a drive, but you can rubber band a lift.

Depends on what lift :wink:

As I see it so far this year, cycle time for scoring cones is the most important part of this years game to win a match. Making a lift as fast as you can (while still being able to control it) will help you score more than your opponent. Also, you get 12 match loads which for an internal robot requires no driving. Now making it so you have a torque 1:1 on 4in wheels is not optimal. Also a faster base will help you score more in skills. I am currently testing prototypes of two motor lifts to try and find a way to lift as fast as a four motor lift can to try and have the best of both worlds.

I don’t know of any lift type you can’t.

Sorry about that double post, must have pushed enter twice.

6 motor drive could be really useful in autonomous, i don’t think a slightly faster arm would give you much of an advantage.

By my estimate, you can still have a lift as fast as is controllable with two motors. However, with automation, you could push a four motor lift much, much faster than is controllable for a normal driver.

I think later we will start to see one bot in a partnership with 6 motor drive, 2 motor lift, and 2 mg intakes, and one bot with a 4 motor drive and 4 motor lift. The double mg bot will focus on getting in mobile goals with stacks of about 8 on each, while the 4 motor lift bot will make one big stack, unload it onto the stationary, and then make another big stack and deliver it to the 10 point zone for the high stack bonus.

So here is the way I see it. The cones are the most important thing this year and a fast cycle time is required for it. Due to this, I feel like a four motor lift is significantly better. 6 motor drive is most useful for skills, but I am pretty sure a four motor lift on a four motor drive would easily beat a 6 motor drive in competition, as a four motor lift will be scoring 10 cones, while a 6 motor drive is stuck at like 5 cones (that part was exaggerated but you get the point). I think a combination of the two could be useful, but really I only see 6 motor drives being useful for skills at the moment and 4 motor lifts being best at competition. Although antichamber and 182C both posted videos of a 6 motor drive that is connected to the mobile goal intake. I think a variation of that could allow for 6 motor drive and 4 motor lift. It just needs more exploring and I would be excited to see the results

the cones are important and i love big cones

However, you can not “make one big stack and and unload it on the stationary” You can only stack cones onto any goal one at a time.

Watch the tuduo video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Personally I think a six motor drive has a lot more advantages than a four motor lift, the majority of them having to do with autonomous and skills, but another big one that most people don’t see being that you can reliably defend against defense bots, which a four motor drive may stall in the process of doing. While a four motor lift allows you to run a faster ratio, I think a two motor 1:7 hi-speed lift provides plenty of speed for cycling cones, if rubber banded correctly.

You could use a passive claw and one motor mg intake and use a 6 motor drive and 4 motor lift as well

Do you have a link to that video?

Never mind, found it. Interesting. I was just commenting on the way you phrased your comment.

Why do you have to limit it to a two motor lift? I know it’s possible to do a 6 motor drive and a 4 motor lift. You will need elastics somewhere on the robot tho ;).

Because if you use a 2 motor lift then you have 4 motors left for mogo intake, cone intake etc. A 6 motor drive and 4 motor lift leaves only 2 motors for that stuff. And yes, you will definitely need elastics for a 2 motor lift.