4 motor turbo rd4b 1:7

Has anyone tried a 4 motor turbo rd4b 1:7? Just curious if it works. Right now my team has 4 motor 1:5 with high speed, and we were wondering if we should switch to be more faster.

If we do some simple rpm calculations:

240 rpm (turbo motor) * 1/7 (gear ratio) = 34.3 rpm

160 rpm (hi-speed motor) * 1/5 (gear ratio) = 32 rpm

In all reality, a 2 rpm deficit is extremely minor and really won’t make a difference when it comes to stacking speed. If anything, I’d prefer 1:5 hi-speed because it has slightly more acceleration, which will be nicer for larger stacks. Also, 84-tooth gears tend to bend more than 60-tooth gears (especially if you only rubber band one side of your lift), so I think 1:5 hi-speed outclasses it in virtually every way.

But yes, 1:7 turbo does work if built correctly. If I’m not wrong, Fuzzy Wuzzy (8675A) ran 4 motor 1:7 turbo earlier in the season. They’ve since switched to a 2 motor lift.

I thought they had 1:7 turbo chainbar

Lol no that’d be way too slow

Well they used to right?

Actually, maybe the did in the past. Regardless, it’s a ton faster now of course.

A 4 motor 1:7 turbo lift works great. Just make sure you have enough elastic assist. We switched to two motors because we wanted 6 motors on the base, not because the ratio didn’t work. You can look at any of our matches before January to see our 4 motor 1:7 turbo lift.

But did u have the turbo chainbar

In the past we have had a 1:7 turbo chain bar, a 1:5 turbo chain bar, a 1:3 turbo fourbar and a 1:1 torque fourbar.

Iteration is key! :slight_smile: do u have the 1:1 now?


Ok thanks