4 motors on 2 wheels

What is the easiest way to gear 4 269 motors to 2 wheels?

Couple them.

I’m guessing these are the two back wheels in a four wheel or six wheel tank-style drive train. Are you asking how to have two motors simultaneously run one wheel?

You can have three gears next to each other with the outside two connected to the motors and the middle gear connected to the wheel. This gives you perfect hole spacing if you use the 12 tooth gears.

we are actually using a front wheel drive with just 4 wheels

You can do something similar where you have your motors near the back of your chassis to conserve space at the front for your (presumed) intake. Set up a chain wrap where you have a sprocket on each motor (use larger than 6 tooth as the smallest size tend to skip) that wraps to a third sprocket on the same axle as your front wheel.

My first thought was to simply place gears like powering a scissor lift. My next thought was to use chainwrap. Then thinking a bit deeper, you could try a differential style mount to power it. But if you really wanted to, you could bring the wheels closer together and power it directly on both sides. If you want to be adventurous, you could even try using differential gearboxes. Maybe you could then build a system which redirects power of unused motors

Edit: oops. i didnt see the word easiest. The easiest way is to couple them is like previously mentioned

I’ve never observed a problem with 6-tooth sprockets skipping. Is there any particular factor that causes the smallest sprockets to skip more than larger ones?

Instead, consider a 6 wheel drive with one motor powering each wheel and omni wheels at the ends. It has the same amount of traction as a 4 wheel drive and will turn better and easily drive over sacks. For an example, search for “5485”.

If you decide to use 2 motors to drive a wheel, try attaching a gear to each and putting the motors on opposite sides of a gear that drives the wheel.

I saw you all were using a 393 what would be the best ratio for a 269?
Also are there any pictures of just yours?

beeblebrox, Rebel is currently running a 2 - 269 drive I believe. I don’t think moving to 6 393s is on his horizon yet… haha

i considered it but we don’t have the money to afford the motors.

If you only have 2 269’s on your drive, then it won’t stand up to very much load. I would recommend a small torque ratio (1.6/1 perhaps?).

If you have 4 269’s, then 1:1 should be a good ratio.