4 Omni-Wheel Advantages and Disadvantages

This is my first year having access to Omni wheels and I’m excited to use them. I would like to incorporate them by having a 4 wheel chassis with only the omnis but I’m concerned it won’t be right for my competition (not vex based). Does anyone have experince with omni-wheels? What are the pros and cons?

Main pro is that you won’t have problems with turning, main con is that you’re pretty vulnerable to being pushed around. Kepler Electronics has a great video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfuA2EqaIso

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You can also lock the omnis, which I’m not sure how to do, which increases the amount of friction.

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To lock the Omnis, you need to put screws in between the rollers and the wheels. Omni wheels also allow your robot to turn in place


Would that make the turning slower?
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omni wheels are superior in almost every aspect.
only downside is you can be pushed


Also, make autonomies a little harder. Increases inconsistencies. But they are much better in driver control.


Omniwheels are very effective when combined with grip wheels. On our robot we use omniwheels on the front and back, with locked onmis (see the posts above me) in the middle. We can turn on a dime, can’t be shoved, and have no issues with friction


These are really great responses! Thank you!

I do, however, should be a little more specific with my competition because the main part of my competition is you have to go up a ramps and so I would need friction to insure I won’t slip n’ flip.

I will definitely try the locked omni wheel and see if that works though!

If you have a drive with three omni wheels on each side, you can lock the omnis in the middle to prevent you from being pushed but will not hinder your turning ability since they are in line with the pivot of the robot.