4 Omni-Wheel Drive vs. Omni-Wheel and Standard Wheel Drive

Would it be better to use 4 omni-wheels on the base of our robot or 2 omni wheels in the front and 2 standard wheels in the back?

Definitely 4 Omni. Don’t underestimate the power of turning speed

I never thought of side pushing, and yeah, resistance would definitely help with all the defense in this game. Can you get over the 20 bar with 6 wheels? My team could never manage that, so we don’t have anything passive :frowning:

I don’t think anyone will be needing to get over the 20 bar with ther wheels

Sorry, I meant 10 so you can stack in the 20. We would always get stack backing out

Are you using HS motors? If so, you shouldn’t get stuck unless your robot is unusually heavy

We just switched to them, so we haven’t tested yet. We would only get stuck because the unpowered middle wheel would raise the bot slightly when it crossed the bar and either the front or back would lose contact with the ground, effectively giving 2 motor drive. I doubt high speed would fix this, but if I get time I can test.

Ok well with HS motors, you would have more inertia. Also, it could help to power the middle wheel since it is a normal wheel and leave one of the outer omnis as a idler wheel

Does anyone have any instructions on how to build a robot using H drive design?

Don’t revive old threads please start a new one. @Drow?

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Please start a new thread, rather than revive a new one especially since we are in a different game

Hmm, it’s hard to say my opinion about reviving this thread. To start everything off, people complain about duplicate threads. But at the same time people complain about threads being revived, even when it is on-topic and could be answered by the community despite the threads age. To be frank, I don’t know what the moderators want in terms of threads. Do they want more threads of the same topic that could cause more clutter or would they like new threads that are fresh to the season. Regardless, I will say that if someone asked a similar question someone would reference this post and say use the search bar on google or use the vexforum’s search bar and that would create just as much clutter. So, to be completely honest, I think that reviving old threads should not be given as much hatred as long as the question is able to be answered by the community. This would prevent clutter of the search bar as well.
This is just my opinion though.


Sorry…first timer here…Guess I didn’t get that memo.

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yeah thats true, but the person is asking how to build a H drive on a thread about omni wheels, so it wouldn’t be relevant, but there probably is a thread out there on how to build an H drive so there is no need to create a new thread

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just power all six wheels(it honestly isn’t hard at all to do.)and put the rubber wheels right at the center between the 2 Omnis on each side so it affects turning as little as possible.

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I’m voting 4 Omni drive just because Turning is so much easier

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