4" Omniwheels stripping

My team was in a competition last Saturday, and in the middle of it our drive started to become slow. We didn’t realize until the semifinals that one of our wheels was stripped! The hole where the axle is inserted was basically a circle. Is there a way we can prevent this from happening again?

You have a couple of options,
a) reduce weight on your robot and friction in your drive chain, most robots (even heavy ones) don’t have this issue
b) replace the axles in your wheels with high strength axles (if your wheels are old they may not have removable plastic inserts and you may need to purchase new wheels) image image2
c) replace the plastic inserts in your wheels with metal inserts, inserts are the bit that touch the axle. You can see metal inserts in this image


I have never even heard of this happening. Great right before state this will happen to me I call it. The same thing happened before Rapid City with my cortex Smoking up

Our school was using super old omni wheels, the ones without the plastic inserts. We are going to do something like this.

Omnis aren’t that much money, consider it a long-term investment.

This isn’t a super common problem as far as I’m aware, happened to one of our teams last year and one of our teams this year, both teams that stripped out had a very heavy all steel DR4B, to solve this we just cut out the plastic insert and replaced t with a metal one and haven’t had the problem since then.

May I ask how you cut out the plastic inserts?

I use 5" wheels and both the wheels striped at the same time luckily the host team let us borrow theirs.

A sharp flathead screwdriver, a hammer, and a lot of determination.

I have a much easier method…
Required tools:
-Short axle (~1 inch)
-#8 screw (normal Vex screws)
-Screwdriver (a drill or electric screwdriver will make it much easier and faster)
-Some sort of press (Arbor press, pneumatic press, drill press, bench vice with a couple blocks of wood or metal, lever, hammer or really anything that can provide a lot of force)
-Short HS shaft (optional)

  1. Screw the screw halfway through the wheel (only into one of the inserts)
  2. Insert the short axle into the other side
  3. Use a press to force the axle through
  4. Use the HS axle to press the other insert out, alternatively screw a screw into the insert from the same side as the first step and press it out
    NOTE: If you’re using a drill or electric screwdriver to screw in the screw, the screw will be 1st-degree-burn HOT.