4 questions

I have a few questions and I want to ask them all in one post.

  1. Does “Win point” mean actual game points or is it a separate type of point?

  2. Do you get a winning point in auton only if you score the 3 same balls in the top row or can it be the 2nd or 3rd row that is all the same?

3, What is the best auton strategy that you guys think will work for this year?
4. Can someone show me a thread that explains the differences between a regular, omni, and mecanum wheel?


win point is a point added to your rankings. earning a win point is half what you earn from winning a match, so by earning a win point in auton it won’t boost your score, but it boosts your rankings.

there is only one row. rows are determined by 3 owned goals in a row. In regular matches, a goal is owned when your color is on top.

there is no best auton strategy because different robots have different capabilities.

by regular I’m assuming you mean traction. it’s a basic wheel. it can roll forwards but not slide to the side at all.

omni wheels can roll forward and slide to the side, which you can use to have a smooth turning robot or use it to have a strafing robot like an x drive.

mecanum wheels accomplish the same thing as an x drive but with a tank format. And they’re kind of worse because they have worse turning and are really bulky.

  1. WP have nothing to do with individual matches. It is a metric used to rank teams. You get 2 for winning a match, 1 for a tie/home row, and 0 when you lose a match

  2. I don’t get the wording of this so I’ll go over the whole thing. If all of the Goals in your Alliance’s Home Zone are Owned by your alliance then you get 1 wp from the autonomous. You can also get autonomous points from winning the autonomous

  3. Varies from bot to bot

  4. Objective best wheel type for Change Up might help you out some.
    Traction wheels move forwards and backwards easily, and will not move side to side. I’d put a video, but they work like normal car tires
    Omni wheels move forwards and backwards when you power them, and can passively move side to side
    Mecanum wheels allow you to move in all directions on the field
    Omni Video:

Mecanum Video:


O, and if an alliance has the top ball corresponding to their color, do they get 1 or 3 points??

Thanks and sorry for so many questions.

And what are alll the ways to get win points?

you get no points for an owned goal. read the manual, it explains in depth how all the scoring works.

Ok,. One more question. Does “tank drive” mean that it is using omni wheels or standard or can it be both?

In the video, it said that if you score the top ball, you get all of the points.


Manual is your friend.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

More like a strict parent: everytime I have an exciting idea - manual update comes along and tells me “You are not allowed to do that!” :sob:


A really good video for the wheels if you don’t want a bunch of videos for each wheel is the Kepler electronics video on them all. Here’s the link if you are interested! The Ultimate Guide To Omniwheels (Holonomic, Mecanum, Tank Drive) - YouTube

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