4 wd Arm and Grabber Robot

I built this robot back in october (so its already taken a part) but i haven’t put the pictures up untill now

the arm on the first stage is a 75:1 gear ratio - it didn’t need to be this big just that it went to fast if i used a smaller one the second stage of the arm uses a 15:1 gear ratio the grabber uses a servo to control it very easy to build and fun to use
i wish that i would have build the arm base and chasis better than i did but i didn’t

sorry if the pictures are big it took me a awhile to compress them done so they would fit
Grabber Robot 3.jpg

Grabber Robot 5.jpg
Grabber 1.jpg

nice! it looks like the grabbing part rotates? that looks really cool :slight_smile:

ya the grabbing part does rotate it rotates on a servo so i can’t go all the way around but still pretty cool

wow, nice job!

how many motors did you use?

i used six motors and two servos
4 motors were used for the wheels and 2 were used for the arm
the two servos controlled the gripper opening and closing and the other one was used turning the gripper/claw – if you are building one you almost need this axis for your gripper other wise you can’t pick up certain objects
pacoliketaco have you built a arm/grabber combo? i would like to see it if you have

i had one made, but i took it apart a while ago and did not take pictures :frowning:

but i used 2 motors for drive, one for the arm base, one for the upper arm, and on for a claw.

i remeber that i had to slow down the motor on the claw so that i could sontrol the speed.

What non-vex parts were used for that gripper?

the gripper was made out of steel tec parts, basically an erector set with a different name,
i think it would be easier to make it if you just cut up some vex parts the only thing i liked about steel tec was that it was painted ornage, a cool effect

Hey, how did you know that was what I am going to do after I get the pneumatics kit!!! and mine will use tracks