Hey all~

Well, I’m back from a rather long absence from the forum. Glad to be back!

Lately, I’ve been working on integrating parts from vex/hexbug builds into a few designs, and I’ve most recently been revisiting an earlier ATV design. I’ve managed to improve the steering and still maintain independent suspension, but I’m still working on the overall design. With luck, I hope to design working handlebars and to polish up the general presentation. As pictured, it is all vex iq with the exceptions of the metal u-joints used for the steering (edr) and the tires - somehow, the currently available vex tires just don’t have the right “attitude” for a 4-wheeler!)

Please post any similar builds - I’d love some more inspiration :slight_smile:

So… the reason for the post? In case you haven’t seen or heard yet, vex has just released shocks on their website that can be purchased separately - high and low tension. I had to “borrow” mine from the snapshot build, but the tension is s bit too strong. Let me know what you think of the chassis so far, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that steering and ball and socket joints are still in the wings.







Man, your stuff is so well thought out and built. I could definitely use some lessons :slight_smile:

Right! But of course, I only post the failures and works in progress that I want others to see :wink:

My real secret is owning lots of vex. My normal approach to a problem is building something and setting it aside. Then I can build it again, with minor changes, keep the parts I like best, and build a third.

Tear down the first two prototypes, set #3 aside, and repeat. By build #7, things get pretty interesting!

I also try to accommodate room for motors and the brain, but I don’t always add these until everything moves the way I want it to when I move it by hand. I really like being able to FEEL how parts interact. I also use LOTS of washers to keep parts aligned and to reduce friction.

So, not really a lesson, but that’s where these builds come from. Thanks for the reply.

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from where the miracle of the wheel? where the control unit is decomposed? and without video is not very clear functionality of your robots, very interested in walking but without the video can not do any analysis …

Might be done with this… (Well, not “done,” but abondoning.) Time to try something new!

I’ll post a quick video of the 360-view / steering and my suspension test shortly.






360° View and Steering:

Suspension Test:

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Something incredible )) Excellent technical solution for 4wd and power steering still and combined with the suspension. I admire chassis of your robot. Thanks for the video it gives a detailed understanding of your decisions.