400 rpm drive train on the platform

Today we’re rebuilding our robot and we’re currently doing a 6 motor drive 200 rpm that’s geared to 400 rpm and we were wondering if going up the platform with 2 or mobile goals would be difficult to do so?

What size wheels are you going to use?

Also, your wheel distribution and weight is probably going to have a large impact whether you can climb.

Why in the world are you going 400 RPM on drive anyways.

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We’re going to use 3.25 inch wheels

You will have a tough time climbing with that gear ratio. Are you using sprockets and chain to drive your wheels?

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From my experience, your bot might even struggle to climb with one mogo


No we’re just judging gears

Yeah, there’s no gear ratio that can take you from 200 to 400 rpm. I’d recommend counting the teeth and calculating the ratio that way.


There are 24 tooth pinion gears now.

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true, but they’re somewhat impractical because they don’t line up on the .5" intervals with the other gears.

@Rathul_2068 besides being impractical, 400 rpm on 3.25" wheels might be too aggressive a ratio. You’ll likely have stalling issues if you plan to carry multiple goals, even with 6 motors. Try something like 360 rpm, which is a 3:5 ratio on 600 rpm cartridges. Or perhaps 333 rpm, which is a 5:3 ratio on 200 rpm cartridges.


Please answer the question of why in the world are you doing a 400 RPM Drive or anything higher than 300

my apologies me and my teamates talked and the actual gear ratio was a 60 tooth gear to a 36 tooth gear wouldnt that be 5:3?

yes 60:36 simplifies to 5:3

You could use 24 tooth gears to 48 tooth gears.

That is true, 2:1 is not possible (edit: with 12t and 24t). I was able to get 5:2 and 7:2 to mesh in a rough mock up. Not sure if putting them in bearing flats would force them out of mesh.


These are only available from vexplorer kits or from iq gears, and neither of these are vrc legal.


I’m pretty sure they’re coming in the EXP kits, and those are legal.


Yea but would 333 rpm 6m with 3.25 wheels be predominantly fast?

it would be pretty fast, yes. you could push it to 360 on 3.25" if you wanted to be faster though

Yea that’s the thing the reason I’m asking is that we don’t have 600 rpm cartridges so we can really do that

333 is still decently fast, and with 6m drive you’ll have a lot of torque as well.