4004Y, WE ARE BACK!!!

So, after practically disappearing from the forum and YouTube, we have gotten a lot done on our ITZ robot. BUT… that isn’t out for reveal yet. What is though, is our behind the scenes reflection on Starstruck. We will probably be posting a reveal soon, and we may do a hype vid for the ITZ season closer to September or October. Be sure to check our YouTube channel for that video, and make sure to Like and Subscribe to our channel. It will be our first year as a high school team, so we are trying to get a good group of subscribers to help get our team name out there. Thanks Guys!!

~ The 4004Y Team

Vex Robotics Starstruck 4004Y: Reflecting on our best year yet!! - YouTube Here is the video

Good luck lel.

Thanks, lol. You too!