400X: Floyd II

It is a bit late for Toss Up Reveals, however, after all the stress and craziness of Worlds, I’ve really only started processing stuff this past week. I hope you all will forgive me :p.

Floyd II:

It was a great run this season, definitely my favorite season so far, and although Worlds was disappointing in some ways, we are very happy with what we have accomplished and the friends we have made.

It was a pleasure to compete with y’all, we hope to have many more great battles in the future.:smiley:

You were definitely one of the top teams in engineering. Your robot had some really cool stuff on it and it looked like there was a lot of hours put in. I enjoyed talking with you even though we couldn’t alliance. Good luck with Skyrise!

It was great competing against y’all all season long. Each year you have a machine more amazing then the last. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year!

P.S. nice song choice :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry to point this out, but I think that you might’ve made a spelling mistake ^ Did you mean y’all? :wink:

I liked what you did with the trophies at the end of that. Thanks for being on our alliance at worlds. :slight_smile:

You guys were awesome. Congratulations on your success, it would have been a fun alliance had things worked out that way.:smiley:

2131C has always been an awesome team and it was a shame our alliance didn’t make it farther. I felt we all had extreme potential as an alliance (the autonomous opportunities between the three of us were insane) and had Floyd not been hit so hard by the motor testing, we could have made it much farther.

Great robot, you can tell that you all (y’all:D) have put a lot of time into it.

It’s sort of freaky how similar our robot was to yours, yet this was the first time we actually saw your robot. :eek: :slight_smile:

Nice robot!

I especially want to applaud your dad for taking an active interest and making such a time investment in yours and your brother’s robotic pursuits.

Finally. 400x revealed! One of my favorites of toss up. The stability of the scissor is amazing. I assume you use both structure and program to do so. Nice job!

Also, i heard other people said about it, is that a torque drive? I can see it definitely worked its purpose in US open finals.

It must be because it looks pretty heavy and my robot was 13 lbs and it over heated every time we got into a push battle.

Floyd II weighed in at 23 lbs with a four motor drive chained 1:1.25 (with 100 RPM motors). Although we worked perfectly with strong motors and charged batteries, if anything was amiss we were extremely susceptible to overheating.

Although this is a story for another day, I will say with confidence that our World’s alliance would have done much better had the motor testing not weakened us so much. We put in hundreds of hours refining our programming routines and when our motors were moving so much slower than usual (I would say 75%, if not half-speed) the majority of our routines were rendered useless. We used a full sensor package and took advantage of every port on the Cortex, but in some situations we simply didn’t complete the routine in time.

Our weight was an issue, but cautious driving and constant maintenance allowed us to pull it off. It is a shame we were eliminated by factors outside of our control.

I can definitely see your gentle driving style in US open. Did you use lubricate on your base? I guess that your gear ratio should be able to handle your weight pretty well. I remember discussion about 1103, about 20 lbs robot with 160 rpm drive.

Probably it is due to your mecanum wheel rollers, is it possible that they cause additional friction?

Hi Steve,

Your robot was one of the most amazing, best crafted and designed robots I ever see. It was my favorite to win the Worlds.

You have the best game strategy, you alone can defeat almost any alliance!!! For sure that was the reason you only lost a few games in all the season.

I hope to see you soon!!!

My gosh. Teach me your scissor lift ways. You guys were able to pull something off Team UVM had but weren’t able to use at worlds :confused: But like wow, I love your scissor lift.

Talking about strategy, this match of 400x is really interesting:

Note that facing a defending robot, they stashed a large red ball to get the opponent to descore, meanwhile allowing their alliance partner to slide in that two bucky balls to lock in their success?

I don’t think this is a rehearsed strategy, but definitely a smart one! Great driver and coaching! Love it. :smiley:

The drive had slight friction, however it was lubricated and relatively efficient. It could have been better, however it was pretty good. I give it an 8/10.

You are too kind!:smiley:
With 100% honesty, 6966A and B are some of the fastest and most dangerous competitors we’ve ever seen. There was significant pre-Worlds discussion about what would have been possible had we ended up in the same division. We will greatly enjoy next year’s competitions :D.

Thank you! To be honest, you can get just about anything to work with four motors and insanely torqued up ratios :p. I see stability being a much larger problem in Skyrise than ratios. This means a lot coming from UVM and a former 4886A member.

The 231 teams are some of the most aggressive teams I’ve ever seen and we had played against them 3 times over the course of the month before State. Knowing how they played and how when a tower is capped almost no team can resist it, that maneuver was 100% intentional and had been discussed and used earlier in the season. We believe strong coaching and strategy is just as important as any other part of the game.

The real kudos should go to 231B for putting up such a fight 1v2.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll also add that this was the only time our High hang failed (failure does not include running out of time) the entire season. We accidentally unplugged the solenoid while removing our line sensors (They had been scraping on the bump, we fixed this for Nationals and Worlds).

Hi! Remember me? I’m team 7797B from China.

You guys were great to pair up with at Nationals. Again, you had a fantastic season, best of luck in Skyrise

I noticed the bars for your lift were c channels turned sideways. Is turning the bars sideways more structurally sound or is there another reason?

Hi, we remember you guys! You had a good robot and we enjoyed competing against you. It was a strong match.:smiley:

Thanks again, it was a pleasure to alliance with you guys. The Open had some of the best matches there were and was definitely my personal favorite competition.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing a powerhouse VexU team out of Wisconsin next year, right?:wink:

This was actually a small mistake we made earlier on and never corrected. That would be one of the things we would fix if we rebuilt and improved this robot for some reason.

It doesn’t really matter as the C-Channels are relatively strong and shouldn’t take noticeable damage from competition, however on the plane flight back from the US Open, the TSA badly bent some of these lift bars. To anyone who builds a scissor and plans to ship it on a plane,
Put cushion between the Tiers!!

So basically, yes, the other configuration (What you’re thinking of as normal) would be the best solution.

could you please explain why this is. It looks like it would be more stable in that configuration