400x Presents: Floyd IV - Vesuvius

6 motor turbo drive (4")
4 motor 4000 RPM Single Flywheel
1 motor 480 RPM Intake
1 motor 1120 RPM Indexer Stage with Ratchet for High Climb Release
Entirely Elastic High Climb

Science - 400R
Technology - 400S
Engineering - 400X

Drop by our pit and say Hi!

You guys did awesome at US Open. Good luck at World!

Amazing robot and fire rate! How much can you lift? Good luck at worlds!

Looks great! See you guys in engineering division.

Nick H. (8000)

Nice video ;D

ya, whoever did the editing must be really good :wink:

Awesome reveal Maxx! Good luck at worlds! Get em for Texas!

Are those VEXIQ shaft collars I see?

Engineering division is stacked this year