4017A end of season reveal

It is the end of our club’s VEX season, so I am posting pictures of our robot for the rest of the VEX community.

-6 3-wire motors, three per side, directly driving the wheels
-2 4in omni wheels and one 4in wheel on each side
-The wheels are staggered to shorten the wheel base and improve turning
-All three wheels are chained together in case of motor failure
-The frame is high off the ground to navigate terrain
-Powered by 2 393 2-wire motors, geared 25:1
-Drives a 4,4,5,1 non-parallel four bar linkage
-Additional non-parallel four bar linkage keeps the claw vertical
Weight-batteries are slung low to lower COG and minimize tipping

Here are some pictures

Some issues that were encountered with this robot: (iteration 2)
-the leads on NiMH batteries are shorter than the old batteries, so only old batteries could be used to power the cortex
-the torque needed to raise the arm is very high, while a large majority is offset by rubber bands, this creates the problem of needing power to stay down
-continueing to power the arm while it is at its maximum height puts a lot of stress on the gears and has quickly worn down the teeth on the final two 60 tooth gears.
-The claw was ineffective. Low capacity, slow, and labor intensive to operate
-since the claw just cleared the edge of the trough, a descoreing mechanism could not fit.
-the combination of torque, traction, and high off-road frame allowed for the robot to flip itself if driving against an immobile object (trough) with the claw raised.
Some more pictures!