4080 2014 World Championship Teaser.

We will gradually be revealing little bits and pieces of our all new world championship robot. 2 hints of one of it’s most unique features would be its name “Isochronos” and the fact that it is on the Verge of being completed.

This video also gives another hint if you take the starting point we picked into consideration.

We will release more details in time (pun intended) :wink:

Finishes song singing at full volume and then realize I was supposed to be looking for a hint. Amazing song.

Glad I wasn’t the only one :smiley: Can’t wait for more hints.

well if i got the starting time correct then it is making reference to a “3:17” im not a builder nor do i know a thing about gear ratios so maybe someone can fill me in on if this is even a possible gearing ratio?

i think im on to something though haha

it could be a bible verse? not super familiar with any of those.

It might be a reference to the weight of their robot as they have been trying to lower their robot’s weight lately as can be seen from their past update thread. The link sent us to 3:20 of the song. This could mean 3.2 pounds (highly unlikely) or 3.2 kilograms (About 7.05 pounds)

I think you are on to something. A 1:7 ratio is common this year, ( 12t gear to 84t gear) So to elaborate your theory the “3” could represent 3 motors powering the lift, and the “17” could resemble a 1:7,

Can’t wait for the next teaser!

A quick Google search yields the following:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isochronous (Stuff about time, ties in to the last clue)
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escapement (I searched Verge and Isochronous and came up with that)

At first I thought the Bohemian Rhapsody clue was pointing towards the kaleidoscope (Couldn’t think of a better term) style portion. I thought the robot might split into like 5 different bots:p, but then I caught on to the timing aspect.

3/17 is roughly equal to 1/5.66 which would be a speedy but usable arm ratio. it’s very close to the large turntable bearings (5.5).

I really don’t know:D. With the really cool C-Channels they posted on their facebook page a while back, the robot will definetely be very interesting and with SBD’s track record it will be very effective on the battle field and a formidable opponent.

Can’t wait to see you guys at worlds. Maybe we’ll get to compete with (or against:() the new robot!](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escapement (I searched Verge and Isochronous and came up with that))

Is it something related to the verge/Galileo’s escapement? Because the video points towards Galileo and he invented the isochronous pendulum. My guess would be a winch mechanism for your hang, but I’m probably wrong :slight_smile:

He shoots, he scores! Strong work, we modeled the latest iteration of our passive latch after Galileo’s escapement.

Thanks Maxx, I hope we end up in the same division as well! While I doubt we could beat Floyd II we always seem to compliment him well the way we both write our autonomous programs. It’s almost funny how we seem to score most of the match points in autonomous together when we are alliance partners.

See you in a few weeks :slight_smile:

[ATTACH]8260[/ATTACH] such weightlessness

Are those plastic screws and nuts?? I’d love to have those, they must weigh nothing compared to the steel ones!

Just shooting in the pond, but I don’t think that they will have a six-bar but if they do it will be very special(in a good way). I can guarantee one think it will be awesome.
Also that screw look like it has had the head shaved off a little

Those are nylon screws and nuts, they are very light! We are using them everywhere that they can withstand the forces against them.

Is that screw a thumbsrew with the head made much thinner?

Although then the length seems off. Do you have a picture where you can see the scale of that?

And the nut, now I’m completely clueless. Inside of a nylock? Modified nut bar? Anyways, looks awesome, can’t wait to see all of your tricks (and maybe polystyrene) together.

EDIT: You beat me to it with the answer! Totally forgot about that rule…

Just make sure those are legal. says you can use:

Make sure the diameters are right. I’m sure you looked before you bought them, but if they’re off from the sizes listed above you would have to replace them all with legal ones at Inspection. Which would be a pain.

They are legal, they are 8-32 X 2" nylon screws and washers. They are socket cap screws, I will post a better picture when I can, but here is the link to them.

I like the VEX button Head screws, but having cap screws for motors is nice, and their set screws for the locking collars rock. I decided to order these a while back and I am using the nylon nuts a lot, and the screws in a few places.

You are too kind! We will do our best to live up to what is expected.

Such lightness. [ATTACH]8268[/ATTACH]