4080 "Wonka" teaser thread.

We will slowly be dropping hints and stats about Wonka before he heads to Hawaii in search of the golden ticket. We will make our YouTube video of this robot in action public when after we arrive in Honolulu. [ATTACH]8440[/ATTACH]

I see an X-drive with 2.75" omnis. Outriggers maybe? Also, possible side rollers.

I am intrigued…
The chassis looks like some sort of X drive (2.75" omnis make sense). It looks most likely to be the one that works rather that a hipster drive.
The top of the intake looks supiciously like a vertical conveyor intake with hooks (is that what it’s called?:confused: a few teams have made them here but I have no idea)
Will you be doing more photos before the summer games?


Top roller with hook like “grabbers”?

I do like the name of the thread, but it would be more effective if your team name was Willy Wonka :slight_smile: lol

Well, Ill just have to inspect your robot form these two pics and see what fancy gadgets you have!! (pun intended!! )

1: 4 motor holonomic X drive using 2.75 in omni wheels(or possibly 3.25 in wheels) internally geared 1.6:1
2: Hooks on the intake (possibly a spinner with hooks) to be able to pick up the cubes with full cube support(no rollers that have the option of slipping
3:Elevator Lift lifting about 36-40 in (depending on the lowest height of each cube) to build 4 skyrise sections and put 5 cubes on it.
4:you usually/hope to usually win autonomous due to your extensive use of sensors (5-7 analog and 4 digital touch sensors)
5: You hope to attend Worlds!!! You also hope to qualify by Excellence, State Champions, Programming skills and Robot Skills.

Please let me know how much of this is correct!

I like the Robot though, thanks for the teaser!

Haha why do people keep mentioning my hipster drive? :stuck_out_tongue: Just leave the poor thing alone xD

After watching a few matches (especially Q57) from REX Skyrise today, I think I have a good idea of what this robot is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you guys will be great competitors at Hawaii - good luck!

Would you happen to have any video of these matches at all?

Here is a match 57 from a VEX REX Skyrise tournament, hopefully it’s the right video:

There’s quite a lot of match videos, time for some strategy and robot analysis!

Interestingly, 934V is almost identical to what our C team is building. Unintentional design convergence FTW lol

There’s quite a lot of match videos, time for some strategy and robot analysis!

Ooh, in one of the videos with this scissor lift I cringed when the whole thing flopped on one side. Imagine how much metal got bent! shudders

That really was a cringe moment right there. That scissor seriously needs to be more stable :c poor robot.

A little sensor action. [ATTACH]8445[/ATTACH]

SBD’s starting strong AND early! Texas is going to be a lot of fun this year:D…

The question is now whether those are speed gears or turbos?:stuck_out_tongue:

With a great sensor package usually follows great autonomous. You can be sure I’ll be watching the summer games.

PS. I love the plastic screws, where do you order the from?:smiley:

Fancy screws. :smiley:

One thing I find interesting is the way your base seems rather open on the inside (unless things have been removed) and also that it is a rather square base, not a U or H shape like is most common.

It also seems like, from the placement of things, that you use a battery extension, or the battery is under the Cortex. Or you don’t use batteries. :wink:

I’m really liking the use of a cut out for your ultrasonic sensor fitting it. Although still… poor cut out 5-wide :frowning: Those screws are awesome though. Looks like you won’t have any issues with screw heads getting rounded out.

8 or 6 bar lift and a internal claw x drive with turbo motors on 2.75 in omnis only 8 motors also do the letters on the wiring mean a part of the robot?

A 2.75" wheel X-drive, because of the effective 1:1.4 speed ratio that comes with an X-drive, mimics the ratios on a 4" wheel tank drive. I’d be willing to bet that they are sticking with a regular speed gearing for the motors, as 1:2.4 turbo gearing is a bit fast for 4 motors.

  1. Is correct
  2. Your warm
  3. Our lift will reach about 1-1/2 Oompa Loompa’s or around 56"
  4. I will let Texas teams answer about our autonomous modes
  5. You have that one right!!!

Thanks Maxx. The motors are geared for speed @ 160 rpm. With 2.75" wheels and an X drive we effectively have what would be a 1:1.56 ratio with 4" wheels on a standard tank drive.

The screws are hardened steel, my dad had a bunch of them from a project he was tinkering with so I used them in places where I wanted to really be able to tighten the screws down hard. The VEX screws are the best bang for the buck when you compare the cost to allen cap screws, but since they were there for the taking I made good use of them.

Our battery goes under the Cortex. We are using an 8 sided base that measures 16.5" side to side and front to back, and 20" diagonally. The diagonal measurement allows us to turn 180 degrees between the Autoloader and the Skyrise base without having to move sideways or backwards. An 18" square base would require moving out from in between the wall and the Skyrise base resulting in lost time in motion.

We are actually using 9 motors, one was not plugged in when I took the picture. Yes, the labels are for which motor i.e. LUL is left upper lift motor.

Silly me, I realized they were metal after I posted, but my edit wasn’t working on mobile for some reason…

I didn’t put two and two together and realize that the X-Drive ratio increase made up for smaller wheels. That was very smart.

Overall, best of luck in Hawaii and it will be a pleasure to compete with SBD this season.

PS (Again…). If your intake is what I think it is, it is going to be a VERY popular design this year. Although I imagine a lot of people have thought of it as well (as have I:p), props for having it operational so early.:smiley: