4149 Flywheel Prototypes

Hi everyone, the Iron Chargers have been absent from the forums this summer but we are back at it for the school year!

We have created a dedicated youtube channel. We have a decent sized following at our old channel (Grygla Science). If you do follow us you will want to follow our new robotics specific channel.

Iron Chargers 4149 youtube Channel.

We have just posted 3 new videos of some flywheel tests. They are nothing special that hasn’t been seen already, but if your interested they are there. The team made (in my opinion) a pretty cool short intro and outro scene for our videos…check that out. I’m sure the team members that made the intro and outro would appreciate any feedback.

VEX - 4149C Flywheel Prototype - Nothing But Net

VEX - 4149 Trajectory Scatter-plot - Nothing But Net

VEX - 4149G Flywheel Prototype - Nothing But Net

I must say, you are off to a good start.
In the very first video it seemed like you have a 7:3 gear ratio connected 3 times. That adds up to a 343:27 or 12.70:1. I also assume you are not using turbo gears on the first one due to the lack of distance. If you are using high speed or torque gears, that will be insufficient as there will not be enough speed to propel the ball forwards. I recommend about a 35:1 total for double flywheel. I have a 40:1 single flywheel and that works beautifully. On your other video, you did not have a lot of accuracy. You should try a vertical double flywheel. You may also try a single flywheel as both of these designs will add backspin and will therefore add accuracy.
if you have any other questions,
PM me

Thank you for the constructive criticism! We definitely know our flywheels are not good enough, these were our first attempts…we have been trying to document the entire build process. Hopefully next week we will have improved on these designs and have something better to show.

We actually have a partially built “cam-cam” launcher built as well (from team 62’s 3 day build). We aren’t sure if we are going to finish it, but it may be an alternative as well.

Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Added one more video of another flywheel test on our actual field setup. We are pretty happy with the results. This flywheel will be getting mounted on a robot for more testing.

What was your reasoning for spacing the wheels out like that?

It allows the ball to make more complete contact with the wheels. When you center the flywheel on the ball you are only contacting centerline of the ball. The way we have it set up all four wheels together have a pretty large amount of surface area making contact with the ball.

Not really sure if it helps…more testing to do, as always.

This is a great prototype video, thank you for sharing !

Remember that feeding balls with your hands will produce inconsistent results.
You need a mechanism setup to feed your shooter before you collect accuracy data.


Regarding the hand feeding, we just wanted to get some general ballpark testing. We will have that flywheel mounted on a robot soon for more reliable testing.