4149C - James 2.0 - Skyrise Reveal

Hi Everyone,

Team 4149 has two teams, 4149G and 4149C. Our G team reveal was released quite some weeks ago. We are finally getting around to revealing our 4149C robot. This robot will be attending the World Championship next week.

Before I get into details, my students want to deeply thank James Pearman (jpearman). This group of students started the year by designing their own “elevator” style linear lift. It was operational, but very sketcky. It served them well in the early season matches but had major drawbacks. As the team was getting ready for state they wanted to redesign their lift but they wanted to stick with an elevator style linear lift. We happened across jpearmans forum post about his “triple lift”. My students took his idea and ran with it. They had to make many modifications so it would work for our particular setup, but his post was inspiring for my students. We went on with this robot to the MN state championships and lost in the championship match.

James 2.0 - 4149C:

Lift: 6 motor (1:1 internal)
Drive: 4 motor (1:1 internal)
Skyrise intake: Pneumatic claw
Cube intake: Passive hook

We will be the first to admit that our robot pails in comparison to many on these forums (we learn a little more each year!), but my students are very proud of their robot. It has been incredibly reliable, even though it may not be a huge point scorer.

Hope you check our the video:
4149C - James 2.0 - Skyrise Reveal



You are all very welcome, as to a robot being named “James”, well I’m just sort of speechless.

The triple lift certainly inspired a number of teams, not sure we will see any at worlds as the RD4B has been shown to be faster in most situations.

Good luck next year.