4149G - "Unique" Intake?

Perhaps this isn’t unique, but I haven’t seen much of this on the forums…

We were having troubles with our scissor lift being reliable for an entire match. (We know its doable, but we are having a difficult time) So we decided to see if we could just have our lift go up one time and remain up the whole match.

This is what we came up with…please keep in mind it is far from finished. We just slapped most of the intake together tonight to see if it was even a viable design. If we decide to keep this design we will post some updates as we refine it into something that is competition worthy.

There was a robot at the summer games with a similar lift. Looked impressive but didn’t do well. I think they were on to something, but just needed more time to debug it.

Video link by any chance (or team #)? I’d be curious to see what troubles they experienced…perhaps we can avoid them before they happen to us.

Considering we just threw this together it works surprisingly well. I believe it can be improved quite a bit.

That’s a pretty cool intake considering you can probably just have an elastic expansion then devote 4-6 motors on that entire conveyor.

I would be worried about having full omnis on the drive though. Without some creative engineering, if you try to score and someone pushes you from the side, that chain will probably snap.

4442x. The intake is a good idea if done right. They had a slow drive and they had to be lined up just right to drop them off the other side onto the high goals like they tended to prefer doing. They used 2 chains instead of 1 and they had a capacity of 5 cubes.
Also one of the 4184 teams from Utah had the same type of intake/lift at the BATC comp in Utah(semi finals b-1 and b-3 on youtube). Their’s had problems lifting without the chain getting tangled or caught on things but the idea is good.

4184E had a similar setup at the first Utah tournament, except for with elastic scissor expansion. There’s some videos of it on youtube. They got rid of it for the next tournament though because it was too unreliable during the expansion and the chain kept snapping.

There was this:

I’m not sure how similar it is to yours, however.

You did great for just a first try!

Hadn’t thought about this…very good point. I imagine most of our scoring would be done on the skyrise, so the rules this year definitely help us out with the protection provided. Still definitely something to look into though.

Thanks to everyone for the info about teams that have tried this. I will look them all up on youTube and do my research!

I believe th you tubers name was teh qissilent and then the vidoe is called working scissor lift. Sorry I can’t link it im on my phone.